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Principles of Micro / Macro

Undergraduate, Saddleback College, 2017

Course Description

Microeconomics: Study of price theory, including supply and demand and marginal analysis. Topics include consumer and firm behavior, the environment, income distribution, and antitrust.

Macroeconomics: Economic analysis of theories of income determination including national income measurement, unemployment, inflation, economic growth, monetary and fiscal policy, banking and money creation, and international finance. Explores consumption and saving, investment, government spending, exports, and imports.

Semesters Taught

Fall 2017 - Present

Sample Syllabus

Sample Syllabus (Micro)

Sample Syllabus (Macro)

Intro to Econometrics

Undergraduate, UC Santa Cruz, 2023

Course Description

Practical methods for organizing and analyzing economic data, testing economic hypotheses, and measuring economic relationships. Regression analysis is the main empirical method, and basic statistical and probability theory is included. Students gain hands-on computer experience with an econometric software package.

Semesters Taught

Summer 2021, Summer 2022, Winter 2023, Summer 2023

Sample Syllabus

Sample Syllabus

Econ 200: Intermediate Macroeconomics

Undergraduate, Vassar College, 2024

Course Description

A more formal introduction to macroeconomic theory. The course focuses on the determinants of growth, both in the long-run and short-run. We will emphasize how economists think about modeling the macroeconomy, as well as explore: 1) the factors of production, 2) business cycles, 3) monetary policy, 4) fiscal policy, 5) the financial system, and 6) labor markets. Students will be exposed to some basic data analysis using spreadsheet software, a soft introduction to using software to solve economic models, as well as construct economic models by hand. Near the end of the course, students will apply these skills to various historical economic episodes by modeling various financial crises using the models learned in the class.

Semesters Taught

Fall 2024